Saturday, March 24, 2012

Two new things

Hello again!
Ok, so I have made quite many new pieces of jewelery, but time in combination with the overcast weather hasn't allowed me take good pictures of all of them so I'll show the ones I've got so far. Hope you'll like them!

This is a three-stranded bracelet in copper, silver and white. I just love the ceramic clasp from Earthenwood Studio. It also has a resin bezel link which I made myself. Well, not the bezel itself but I put the picture in it and cast the resin.It also has a very cute pewter owl bead from Green Girl Studios.

I also made this necklace. It has a resin bezel pendant, faceted rainbow snakeskin agate, and new jade rondelles. The picture is a bit dark so I might have to take a new picture when the conditions are better.

I've started making boxes for my jewelry. It takes some time, but it is fun to make them and hopefully people will appreciate it. After all, this is my hobby and if enjoy it, then it can just be part of my hobby, right?

This is the first box I made - and the only one I've taken a picture of so far. Hope you like it!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Helena,
    They are all very pretty. I really like the necklace, and the gift box is very nice.