Sunday, March 25, 2012

More jewelry!

It's a very springy day here today in southern Sweden, and officially the first day of summer time as well! Yay! Today I took a few more pictures of my latest creations, so here they come;

This necklace has faceted fire agate beads and a resin bezel pandant that I made. It's a pretty simple necklace, I thought  it would be nice to let the beads and the pendant be in focus.

This is the box that I made for the necklace.

And here is yet another necklace.. I know the picture is weird, but it will have to do for now. In this one I used a lot of different beads, but the most exciting ones has to be the ceramic beads made by Gaea. I just love her beads, they are so amazing!

Aren't the different finishes of the ceramic beads just wonderful? I love the matte ones, and the glossy ones, and the crackled ones...

This is just a picture of the necklace in its box.

Oh, and I've just started working with patinas on metals! It is very exciting. I got some patinating supplies from Missficklemedia, and I am now working on my first things, which I hope to be able to show off soon.

This ocean blue patina is seriously hard to resist. And it has to be one of the best summer colors ever! I'm patinating a brass clasp in this color.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Helena,
    Those two necklaces are beautiful each in their own right. You had the right idea to let the pendant and the Agate be the center of attention in the first necklace. I have never worked with Gena's beads, but I have seen them being used in several designs throughout the blogs and I do think that they are yummy. Looking forward to seeing how your patina comes out that is a very pretty color.

  2. The necklaces are very pretty just on their own, but when you add the custom boxes -- wow! You've done such a beautiful job of echoing the mood and colors of the box with the necklace (the butterflies are too perfect!). You've inspired me. Now I just have to find an extra few hours in each day...