Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chunky necklace

I'm almost done with showing you all the things I got stacked up. Hopefully I've got some new things by the end of next week - unfortunately, my first patina experiments didn't work out very well, so you'll have to bear with me.
I really like chunky, earthy necklaces so I thought I should make one. I used ceramic beads from Gaea and a ceramic clasp from Earthenwood Studios, and combined them with roble wood nuggets and a heavy chain for this necklace which I think turned out pretty cool.

I had a cute toad bead from Green Girl Studios in my stash which I strung on a leather cord together with the ceramic beads. He makes me smile, Mr. Toady (of course he has a name!).

A colleague of mine asked to make jewelry for her wedding, which is very flattering, and fun too. It's a pretty big deal making jewelry for someone's wedding so I'm going to to put a lot of effort into making something for her that she really likes. It's a little bit different than what I normally do, but I'm looking forward to it! I have some ideas and now  I'm off to shop for stones and findings... and maybe some pearls too.Yay!